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Please find below a few samples of my interviews, both audio and audio-visual.

Citizenship and the War on Free Speech

Lotuseaters Podcast, 19th June 2023

Stelios Panagiotou interviews David Thunder about his thoughts on the concept of freedom, the practice of citizenship, the increased centralisation of Western governments, and the need to reinvigorate communities for achieving a more stable and free society. They also discuss the Irish government’s Criminal Justice Bill (2022) and its impact on freedom of speech.

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The Case Against the Sovereign State: In Conversation with David Thunder

The Governance Podcast (King's College London), 17th February 2020

David Thunder (University of Navarra) argues that many modern political theorists, from Hobbes to Rawls, overstate the importance of state sovereignty. He envisions an alternative, polycentric form of social organisation that can support one’s freedom to flourish. Tune in for his argument in this episode of the Governance Podcast led by Billy Christmas (King’s College London).

The Truth Behind Ireland's Riots

Redacted, 29th November 2023

What's the truth behind the explosion of violence in Dubln, Ireland over the past few days? Academic Researcher David Thunder joins us to talk about Ireland's devastating immigration policies and lax policing which led us to the recent spate of violence.

Has France Criminalised Medical Debate?

Pandemic Podcast, 17th March 2024

Is France silencing free speech in healthcare? A controversial new law criminalises "inciting" someone to receive or reject medical treatments. We talk to David Thunder about the chilling effect this could have on open discourse, scientific debate, and personal choice in healthcare.

The Rise of Soft Despotism in the West

Epoch Times, 30th November 2023

Alexis de Tocqueville, in his masterpiece Democracy in America, predicted that modern governments, in promising citizens comfort and security, could become what he called "soft despots." In this clip from my interview with the Epoch Times, I discuss this concept and its relevance to modern democracy.

Is the Case for Lockdowns Crumbling?

GB News, 8th October 2021

In this extended interview on GB News on Friday, 8th October 2021, I suggested that the case for lockdowns was weaker than ever.

Life Beyond Covid: What Now?

Rise with BNT, 13th January 2023

Sonia Poulton interviews David Thunder on Rise with BNT about the danger of Covid protest burnout and what we can do to channel the energy of protest into something positive and sustainable., as well as the dangers of losing touch with real life in social media.

The Thought Police Are Coming For Us

The High Wire, 18th May 2023

Ireland is on the cusp of passing one of the most radical pieces of hate speech legislation in the Western world. I discuss what this means for privacy and freedom of speech on The High Wire, hosted by Del Bigtree.

Creating a Culture of Freedom

Elevate Podcast, 2nd April 2023

Dan Astin-Gregory interviews David Thunder on the Elevate Podcast about building a truly free and open society. David and Dan discuss the real foundations of a free society, and why culture and values are so crucial to preserving and promoting freedom.

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