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The Freedom Blog

In The Freedom Blog, I offer independent analysis of issues that affect the fate of freedom in the West. Please find below an introductory video and a few sample posts to whet your appetite!

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Selection of Blog Posts


Europe is Swinging Right, and It's No Mystery Why

29th March 2024


"Leftist journalists wring their hands and wonder why “far right” elements are on the right in Europe, but their obsession with the boogey man of the “far right” blinds them to an evident fact, namely, that the ideological centre of gravity of Europe’s traditional parties has shifted to the left, leaving traditional right-wing voters homeless."


Ireland Could Experience a Significant Political Re-Alignment in the General Election

24th March 2024

"Political analysts should be wondering how it is possible that three in four Irish voters could reject a referendum that was officially endorsed by every party sitting in Dáil Eireann, barring two tiny parties (Aontú and Independent Ireland) that make up no more than four deputies in total in a parliament of 160. If you add to these four deputies the handful of independents who opposed the referenda, the result is stark: 67-75% of Irish No voters were represented in the referendum debate by less than 10% of Ireland’s parliament, and no major political party."

24th February 2024


Why Attempting to Purge the Web of "Misinformation" and "Disinformation" Is a Fool's Errand

"In the real, non-ideal world of mediocre and shallow thinkers, cowards, selfish careerists, and the occasional scoundrel, political and scientific censorship never works out in the way envisaged by its public advocates. In the non-ideal world of imperfect knowledge and corruptible character, censorship is just as likely to frustrate the pursuit of truth as to facilitate it."

7th January 2024


Nine Reasons Governments Must Reject Proposed Amendments to International Health Regulations

"This is an organisation that has already shown its regressive, inhumane and anti-scientific colours during and after the Covid pandemic, including failing to warn citizens about the incompleteness of safety data for mRNA vaccines, warmly praising China’s cruel and draconian lockdowns, and enthusiastically supporting a global bio-surveillance regime modelled on the EU's digital Covid certificate."


11th March 2024

Irish Government's Attempt to Redefine the Family Backfires, Spectacularly

"In light of the government’s dramatic policy failures in housing, healthcare and immigration, the resounding “No” vote that echoed up and down the country was not just a rejection of these constitutional amendments: it was also a clear vote of no confidence in Ireland’s political Establishment."

21st January 2024

WEF 2024.jpeg

President von der Leyen's WEF Speech Shows She Will Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

"She could have used her unique position of leadership to underline the true nature of the threat of disinformation, which is a threat coming from all directions - not just from malicious private actors, but from governments that run “information” campaigns designed to harness people’s primal instincts, most notably fear and solidarity, in support of their preferred policies."


16th December 2023

A Populist-Libertarian Manifesto

"Below, I propose a collection of principles that might be good candidates for the platform of a pro-freedom, pro-limited government party."

6th November 2023

we the people.jpeg

It's Time To Give Power Back to the People. But How?

"There is no way to completely guarantee that people will always be taken seriously by their representatives. However, you can greatly reduce the risks of domination and alienation by introducing decentralising reforms, to bring centres of power and decision-making closer to the people."


8th February 2024

EU Farmer Blockades Represent a Serious Setback for EU’s Climate Agenda

The EU Commission is playing a dangerous game. On the one hand, they are attempting to placate farmers by making expedient short-term concessions to them. On the other hand, they are holding fast to their commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Europe by 90% by 2040, while fudging on the fact that a 90% emission cut in 16 years would have drastic implications for farming.

10th January 2024


Below-the-Belt Tactics Are Being Used to Silence Dissenters from the Official Narrative

Dominant players in Western politics and media all too frequently lack the maturity to engage with frontal challenges to their worldviews or projects. Instead, they respond to robust criticism with dishonest ad hominem arguments. 


4th January 2024

There could hardly be a better moment for a pro-freedom, "power to the people" political movement

"Much as a depressed market may hold extraordinary opportunities for savvy investors to buy up under-priced stock, in a similar way, a failing political system may well hold out unique political opportunities that require a bit of imagination and daring to recognise and tap into."

28th December 2023


A Quick Guide to Slavespeak: Eleven Terms "Progressives" Have Turned on their Head

"On its face, this means a health system that expands people’s access to opportunities to improve their health. In slavespeak, it parades publicly under this innocent interpretation, but really means extending a web of bio-surveillance and coercive vaccination across an ever widening web of nations."


15th December 2023

Climate Activists Want to Induce Fear and Panic, Even If the Facts Get in the Way

"The very same strategies that governments used to manipulate and blackmail citizens into compliance with draconian and illiberal laws during the Covid scare are already being rolled out to justify highly costly and intrusive interventions in the name of environmentalism."

30th October 2023


Seven Perennial Truths About Immigration and Refugee Policy

"Since Mr Varadkar has broken the uncomfortable silence and addressed the elephant in the room, it seems like an opportune time to state for the record some simple, perennial truths about immigration policy, truths that are frequently neglected when political correctness and image management is placed ahead of honesty and common sense."

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